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Content: Since its inception in the early 1980 s  , the sport of airsoft has boomed with popularity in all age brackets. It has been adopted by children as the new form of action entertainment as well as military and law enforcement agencies, to help with real world, non lethal simulation exercises. But when the words airsoft and children are used in the same sentence, you can almost always count on a long debate between parents on whether or not children should be allowed to participate in the sport of airsoft. So what is all the debating about? I guess before diving into the politics of airsoft, it is important to explain the definition of Airsoft  , the different gun types, and the laws that our great country have imposed on the sport. So what is airsoft? Airsoft is a tactical game where players eliminate their opponents by shooting tiny, plastic 6mm bb s (usually weighing between .12 .20g), launched from airsoft guns. The sport originated in Japan when the ownership of guns was illegal. The people of Japan, who are know to be great hobbyists  , created detailed metal replicas of real guns that fired non lethal plastic pellets (also referred to as bb s). These replicas became common in the Japanese marketplace and various companies started developing and distributing air soft guns to other countries in Europe and Asia. Eventually, airsoft guns emerged in the United States and the sport has become extremely popular. As an airsoft player, you have 3 different options when choosing an airsoft gun that s right for you. The three types are: spring powered, electric powered and gas powered. When buying airsoft guns, the price can vary based on the quality and type. Prices can range from $10 for the lowest quality to over $1  ,000 for the highest quality. It is recommended for new players to begin with a low priced air soft gun so they can get a feel for what type of gun best suits their style of play. Typically, spring loaded airsoft guns are in the lower price range, followed by gas and AEG s (automatic electric guns). In terms of airsoft gun velocity, it is measured in feet per second (ftsec.), and ranges between 200 500 ftsec. The law states (in the U.S.) that an airsoft gun is considered a firearm and can only be purchased by adults over 18 years old. Also  , there are certain state restrictions on the ownership of airsoft guns. For example, New York has ruled that owning an airsoft gun is illegal because they resemble real firearms that are difficult for law enforcement agents to distinguish between. That being said, lets get back to the core question of, Is it safe for my children ? This is where it gets a bit tricky and why there will probably always be a debate for this issue. Regarding general airsoft safety, like anything that shoots at a high velocity  , it is imperative to ALWAYS wear proper safety equipment (eye protection and body protection). Parents who allow their children to play airsoft really need to enforce this rule, NO exceptions! To date, there are no reported deaths related to airsoft for either children or adults in the U.S. However, there are reports of eye damage as a result of players electing to NOT wear masks or protective eye gear. These instances are rare but can be avoided entirely with proper education on airsoft equipment operation. Another safety concern regarding airsoft is location. It is important for all airsoft play to take place in non public areas, or areas specifically designated for airsoft play. It is extremely hard to distinguish between certain airsoft guns and a real firearm  , so to avoid any confrontation between a frightened civilian or law enforcement agents, this precaution should always be observed. Also, never allow your child to take their airsoft gun to school. This could lead to suspension or in some cases, expulsion (remember that airsoft guns are legally considered firearms). Finally, always transport your airsoft guns in a sealed duffle bag andor in the trunk of your vehicle. It is my opinion that airsoft guns are safe for children to operate ONLY under parental supervision. It is ultimately the parents responsibility to educate their children on how airsoft should be played  , what precautions they should take, and where they will allow their children to play airsoft. Also, my opinion is based on the gun velocity rate. I don t believe that children under the age of 16 have the sense to operate a gun that shoots (even a plastic bb) over 350 ftsec. Young children under the age of 16 should start with low powered spring airsoft guns that usually range in velocity between 200 300 ftsec. This will allow them to learn the basic safety skills of airsoft with very low risk. This does NOT mean that protective eye gear should not be worn. Remember, eye protection is a non negotiable when it comes to the sport of airsoft. Also, buying lower velocity spring guns are a much cheaper investment for the parents. Lastly  , you should never keep a loaded airsoft gun when your gun is not in use. If your child is taking a break for lunch or a juice box, always advise himher to eject the guns magazine or unload the guns bb s. Also, it is a good habit to leave the safety on when your gun is not in use even if it is not loaded. These basic safety rules and precautions should help provide your child with a safe airsoft experience. If you are interested in learning more about airsoft guns, airsoft gear or watching an airsoft safety video, please visit us at: http:www.myairsoftarmy. Ponytails aren t only for young girls anymore. A ponytail is a look that can work for teenage girls and women alike. You just need to know the right way to wear it. A ponytail can be worn in many different ways  , as we explain here. Sport a ponytail on the side. This attractive ponytail gives a Nicole Richie look. 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