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Content: Imagine a business where you simply sit at your home and accept the order and payment from customers whilst another entity is taking care of the hassles of product shipment. The business model is called drop shipping  , which is basically an order fulfillment strategy. One of the biggest advantages of drop shipping business model is that the retailer does not need to stock any inventory which means the retailer is also free from the hassles of investing in state of art stock up facilities. The business model has several advantages and with the increasing popularity of ecommerce technology, drop shipping is attracting a wide number of passionate professionals and dedicated entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of drop shipping business model when you are not able to find the best drop shipper entity  , so make sure to pick the reliable entity to become the most successful ecommerce retailer. These days, when more and more people are living sedentary lifestyle the surge in online shopping of herbal products is recorded across the globe. Thus, it would be beneficial to register with a drop shipper program of Ayurvedic products and natural supplements to reap all the business benefits and advantages of drop shipping business model. Advantages of drop shipping business model Any ecommerce retailer can definitely consider the below mentioned benefits to get success the easy way. 1. Wide product range: When you find the most recognized drop shipper  , you will be able to attain a broad product offering. The advantage of this business model is that you don't have to invest in a brick and mortar showroom to stock all the products, you can simply receive the orders from the customers and forward it to the drop shipper. 2. Time saving model: In other business verticals, where the time is wasted in inventory dispatch you can eliminate it by registering in a drop ship program. It might take weeks for a product to reach to the retailer via the manufacturers  , wholesaler and distributor but it won't be the case with drop shipping. 3. Reduced investment: Any ecommerce merchant can have the freedom to try new lines as there are no hassles of inventory management. This way you can easily test the market while reducing the need for upfront investment you will need otherwise to get up and selling. Disadvantages of drop shipping business model Regardless of the endless advantages of drop shipping business model, there are some retailers that fright this model because of its certain downsides. The only challenge of drop shipping business model is that you need dedicated team to promote and sell the products. Besides, the disadvantages of drop shipping business model include challenges for customer service and product returns. But  , these are not the serious pitfalls if you are registered with a reliable and the best dropship program of herbal supplements, such as the one offered by DropshipHerbalSupplements. Despite of all the challenges and disadvantages of drop shipping business model, it can work if you are partnered with a recognized drop shipper like DropshipHerbalSupplements that helps its retailers to act as a marketing and customer service organization. Since last three four years  , Twenty 20 or T20 Cricket has been gaining immense popularity among the masses. Slowly the action is shifting from Test matches and One day international matches to T20 cricket. Though traditionalists say that it s not Cricket but you have to accept the fact that this medium has left tests and ODI s in the shadow. The success of the Indian Premier League or the IPL stands witness to this fact. These days, brands are increasingly shifting their advertising budget from tests and ODIs to T20 matches. They are spending more on T20 because more people watch these matches. Earlier women and young girls used to avoid watching Cricket. But T20 has added glamor to the game. It s short ? just three hours for a game. There are cheerleaders prancing around. And plenty of fours and sixes being hit due to the field restrictions and shorter boundaries. The stadiums have a lively atmosphere due to the music and songs being played between overs. There are entertainment shows played in the break between the two innings. The IPL was ranked one of the richest sporting leagues in the world with a value of more than $1 billion dollars. Such success in just two years is unprecedented. The T20 world cup is held every two years. This cup has been a bigger success than the recent ODI world cup. Cricketers are increasingly adapting to the T20 style of cricket. There are some specialist players who have retired from other forms of the game just to play T20. This is because they earn much more money in less than half the time. Previously each country used to play 8 10 test matches every year. These days, future schedules have just 2 5 test matches for some teams. There are talks of dividing the ODI into two innings to give it a T20 feel. The game of cricket always had two official versions  , the five day test match and the one day 50 overs match. Since last 2 3 years, the hottest form of cricket is T20 or Twenty twenty or 20 20 cricket. This is a 20 over game per side. It takes around 3 3.5 hours to complete a single game. This shortening of the time period has helped to increase the popularity of the game. Now, people don t have to watch the game for an entire day or more. It is more like a game of footballsoccer where the game starts in the evening and ends in 3 hours. T20 cricket has also brought in a new generation of cricketers  , namely T20 experts. 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