Subject: Server connection limit problem
Content: HI, Downloading new posts works great, but on older posts these errors sometimes pop up. It seems to me that these errors start to show as soon as a single part fails to download, and then they keep on coming until nzbget is closed. When nzbget is restarted with the same files in the queue, it almost immediately starts producing more of these errors, but when the queue is emptied and a new (more recent) nzb file is loaded, it works ok again. Also, when these errors do occur, it would be nice if nzbget was somewhat less aggressive in retrying. At one point I think I may have been banned from the news server temporarily when the error was replaced with "502 Access denied to your node". But that might have been something unrelated.For what it's worth, the most recent download that caused these errors was  please help I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: Professional video production company Thanks!