Subject: PoE Crafting: Best Way To Craft Two Specific Suffi
Content: What everyone thinks the best way to craft two specific suffixes is? Is it just alt-regal-scour? Is there some finesse that can be applied? Also, PoE currency hot sale at . We have prepared amounts of PoE currency cheap in stock for you, enjoy the best price and 10 Mins fast delivery in our store. If you hit 1 Suffix while Alt/Aug spamming you can use the beast crafting recipe to split the item. Just make sure you block a bad prefix before you regal. Example: I have a Foil with a Merciless roll (T1 % Phys) I can simply split that item into two every time I try and regal it for a good affix. (Attack speed/Crit chance/ Flat phys) Basically splitting lets you get your do-overs in. If you have 1 T1 % Of Phys as Element and you want another one you can just Regal -> Split -> Regal -> Split until you hit your desired Affix. Ideally you'd master craft a prefix you don't want to hit. After that simply regal and hope for the best. If the outcome isn't what you desired, just remove the master craft and split the item again. That way you're left with the 1 Suffix on a magic item again allowing you to re-block and regal again. If you've got a desired suffix, and master craft a prefix to block.. and then your regal gives you a bad suffix.. what happens if you split then? Idk tbh but I don't think it makes a difference. You might save on scours if the master craft ends back up on your item. The beastcraft split recipe doesn't work for shaped/elder items. Also the use has a quite high opportunity cost. You could generate ~50c (BSC) by duplicating a 6L astral.