Subject: Path of Exile: Elemental Hit Incorporates
Content: Elemental hit should be a white gem, it would make sense since it incorporates every element, versus being a dex gem which is usually cold-focused. So, I wanted to just go on a bit of detail about this. Let's figure out and buy poe orbs cheap from Rework it as " elemental shoot ", change its VFX to some elegant cold/fire/lightning missile, when you do cold? Make the graphic be cold, fire? Be fire, lightning? Be lightning. Buff it to be similar to other skills in damage and make it usable with wands and bows only. This way we have wild strike for melee, and elemental shoot for range, maybe even add a new spell that works similar but spell based, I think this would not be really hard to, I am not even asking for extra effects like the chain on wild strike, just normal hit, with nice visuals. "when socketed in a red socket; skip fire damage, green; skip cold, blue; skip lightning" Let us use EE with it, but in a way that makes scaling non-trivial. Non-EE / general elemental scaling builds should be mostly unaffected. Could be applied to any or all of the three, but probably the spell variant has the best fit. Yeah, which kind of highlights the current problem - neither strength or weapon damage scale it, just gem level. Spells are designed to work like this, in the tree, in supports, everything. Melee attacks are not, so it's just really hard to find good ways to scale Ele Hit at the moment. It needs more synergy & scaling with something to become viable. I kinda like blauli's suggestion above to give it spell scaling - for Int-based attack builds. Goes well with the theme of being "all elements", that it also scales with disparate things, likely requires RGB gear, etc. Weapon Elemental Damage does scale it, and so does Attack Damage. And no suggestion is going to help the skill. It just deals a third of the damage it should be doing. That's it. There is no smart way to buff it. All it needs is at least double the numbers. Not being able to scale it as well should be one of the defining traits of the skill, but that trait shouldn't stop it from being used. Enjoy Path Of Exile. And don't forget to buy cheap poe items and orbs on .