Subject: Soft clock versus BIOS clock
Content: Hi, System: Ryzen 2700X, 16Gb 3600Mhz 8pack, Crosshair VII, Pilat 1070Ti shroud cooler. Stock speeds (from memory): CPU 3.7Ghz, memory: 2133Mhz, GPU 1900Mhz/4000Mhz In the BIOS perform a small overclock to something conservative like CPU: 3.9Ghz Memory, 3000Mhz. Out of interest 3600Mhz D.O.C.P profile is unstable :( Then in Windows 10 I can use MSI afterburner to push the video card to it's limits when I intend to game and Ryzen Master to push the 2700X to 4.2Ghz or higher and the ram to 3400Mhz For more details Teaser video company