Subject: CPU Over Voltage Error!
Content: Hi, My PC has been resetting randomly when it shouldn't. While gaming sometimes he just shuts down and when he resets it first shows me a screen saying "CPU Over Voltage Error" and "Press F1 to continue/something like that". I've googled the issue and most people say it's due to a bad power source, and that I should buy another one. Is that the only solution or is there anything else I can do? I've also seen people changing some options in BIOS to make the problem go away, but I didn't wanna play around with that because I was afraid of breaking something. The motherboard website I'll link below says that it has Anti-Surge Protection and that it's probably the reason the PC has been shutting down. I guess my question is, can someone explain the BIOS way of fixing it step-by-step and if that's not possible can someone give me an alternative to buying another power source? Please help.  I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.  References:- Video content agency Thanks!