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06/13/2020 at 01:00 pm

RuneScape osrs and RS3 are massive RS gold games the number of players dwarf many AAA titles that come out osrs has articles updates that often it's really hard to envision it dying anytime soon so I can't see how nerd slayer could tease this. Tbh it is not even that big of a deal. Do you care some arbitrary player x has 99 or 120 what? The answer is if you grind your like years 21, the same as no one gives a shit or you merely buy lamps. If you don't enjoy it, do not get it. Tbh I had a stance on it and quit for ages. Came using a total that is high 2200+ with no bonds and lamps could have taken me years to find current with articles.

Not potential working a full time job and running a side business. What if I spent $40 on bonds to find gp that is enough to get up skills to other content. People like you do not realize people always paid for amounts and GP. Today Jagex cut out the middle man. And tbh if it were not for the whales RuneScape are more down mountain than. Runescape is a sport from another age of gaming. Gone are the times where people will grind for thousands of hours children will not play with a match and do not.

I tried to get to it some time back and honestly a lot about the engine, UI, and artstyle bothered me on top of the MTX. RS3 has an unusually large FoV that you can not scale which make it seem like your looking through a wide lens all of the time. I would definitely turn it down when there was an alternative. Unfortunately there is absolutely no choice. Guild wars 2 is a good example of a game that launched with FoV and no option to alter it. They ended up adding the option on and I expect RS3 follows suit. The UI is a wreck. Even understanding how to use it, there are a lot of options that should be either grouped together, or moved, although it's something I had to learn to utilize. On top of that the majority of the clutter the screen like older WoW overlays and it is fairly ugly looking.

Also the UI is un-scaleable. It is too small and I am playing 1440p, I can only imagine what playing at 4k resembles. Individuals recommended changing my dividers resolution to 1080p and I had been left to wonder what season it was since that's obscene and will create RuneScape game overall appearance worse. The thing is a gripe, but I really dislike. I'm not a hardcore OSRS graphic defender either as I played primarily mostly when RSHD first launched and actually really enjoyed that engine and a number of the new styles that came along with it. A lot of the graphics and armor stylings in RS3 just seem to mesh in a very bland manner that only feels like something out of a budget mobile cheap RS gold game that is higher.


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