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POSTED BY: archer664878 on 10/11/2017 01:54:10

Steel Vape EX RDA Atomizer Three Types Of Drip Tips 25 mm 510 Thread Vape Tank Unique Flip Top Cap Dripping Vaporizer.Let’s straight into the theme of EX RDA atomizer, I’m sure that you will fall in love with the flip top cap dripping tank.

EX RDA atomizer with plain carton packaging, the set contain a lot of accessories.Including: EX RDA atomizer, three PCS different functions of drip tips, a small package of cotton, 4 PCS heating wire, rubber ring and multi-function screwdriver and other practical accessories.

EX RDA is a big type vaping atomizer,the length appears to be similar to kayfun Lite Plus Five Pawns.But the diameter has reached 25 mm. EX RDA looks stocky, and the two “diamond” patterns of the front engraving also make the atomizer slightly lively.

This time, I try the RDA like the picture, top white with bottom black color. The color of the atomizer is painted, so please avoid bumps when using this tank.

The EX RDA can be a corner of about 45 degrees like the rear to open, up and down warehouse cover by the hinge design and magnet fixed, open and close the outer chamber sealing performance is very good, did not notice the phenomenon of leakage.

As the position of the magnet is closer to the hinge, the resistance to opening and closing is small, Open the RDA like open a zippo lighter, very comfortable, but not reliable when this comfortable application in the RDA atomizer, you should smoke out the e liquid as possible as you can when you want to carry this RDA.

Open the warehouse can see the nozzle has a practical oil network, blocking the effect of frying oil is obvious.

RE RDA The base of the atomizer is also exposed: the original 4-post design, 4 inlet hole straight hair blowing wire.

The diameter is 25 mm, set coils’way is very unique, negative fixed screw embedded, a large positive pole fixed 4 coil pins, and no waste of valuable operating space. Easy to set the 3.5mm fancy heating coil.

The four coils of the pins are placed in the center of the positive card slot can be tightened after the fixed screw locking coil. We are the first time to see this kind of set way the base, the operation of the fancy coil is very convenient, but the fixed elasticity of the ordinary A1 wire coil is not so easy.

Attached to the fancy coil 4 hair resistance 0.15 ohms, the resistance with a mechanical pole to push the power of about 100w, indicating that the designer or carefully considered the security. With the ohm box 130w to promote, can quickly and even light, symmetrical four coils do not interfere with each other, in the big air hole with the help of heat dissipation is very good.

Set cotton and drops the e juice, open 130w mech mod to test smoke vapor, fancy coli heating speed is still a little slower than A1, After a brief warm-up, the smoke bursts quickly, the concentration and smoke are very impressive, 4 rounds of the coil occupied the base of most of the space, resulting in a small capacity of oil, About 1.5ML.

And fuel consumption is huge, 5 times after the fire has been obviously insufficient storage of cotton, but at this time,you could open the EX RDA easily,drip the e liquid, and go on smoke.

Over all, this vape tank is very useful,  but if steelvape factory could produce 22MM RDA, then more and more players could enjoy the top cap design RDA Tank.

POSTED BY: taniawalters2 on 07/09/2018 07:45:16

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