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Category: Activities
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Created: Aug 1, 2018
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Location: usa , Australia
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muzili ONLINE

Italo Jewelry was created by Italo, a talented craftsman and artist, in Italy in 1967. Making jewelry was the dream of Italo, so he made a lot of effort to make every piece of his jewelry to make sure his customers would be satisfied with his works. Very soon, Italo Jewelry became more and more popular in the local place. But one day after 2 years, burned by the hot fire in jewelry making, his wife miscarried in the third month of her pregnancy. Italo lost his unborn child, and decided not to make jewelry again. He closed Italo Jewelry and they moved to Florida to start their new life. However, he could not stop his passion and dream on jewelry. Inspired by many of his life experience, Italo designed over 100 pieces of jewelry before died in the year 2016, at his 70’s. He kept pursuing his jewelry dream for his whole life, but not known by any people, except his family and friends. To realize Italo’s dream, his son, Ezio restarted Italo Jewelry to bring Italo’s design to more people. After a series study of jewelry design, he collected Italo’s designs and added some of his idea to the design. Thus, Italo Jewelry Store reopened.

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