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Created: Jul 26, 2019
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And it'll be the conclusion of WoW Classic

Should you expect to roll up a warrior and acquire the Internet, I believe that you could be severely disappointed.No offense but this movie is not helpful in any way. I played with vanilla and I remember rogue being the ultimate pvp class.

Paladins being better people preferred paladin and Druid tanks. It wasn't until right before bc and through bc warriors. Mages were class. Warlocks were shit before pre-bc/bc and even then they were up to par with other courses.

If we are going by how classic was, warriors were relatively complex to play were nothing special. Rogue is were it is at but you'll fight with a great deal of people over equipment. Shaman is one. Paladins and druids better tanks. Mage best caster.

Logic would dictate that although they eventually realized that Classic will make them money, it doesn't mean that they know how to give us the Classic we want, or perhaps moreso; understand exactly what to do with Classic once it's seen its first rise. I foresee a screw up so large that even the Vanilla fans will stop too. And it'll be the conclusion of WoW Classic.

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