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Created: Oct 10, 2019
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old school runescape gold

For both of us in the end Maplestory M Mesos because we both made a profit off of the thingWhat I would love to see is the expansive maps that the match had wether they are concealed maps or routine I want them back thats the meta PQs now are RnJ and DIPQ theyre still good for interacting as you grind away than myself included no one bothers with

a lot of the other PQs otherAll of the supervisors are soloable and youre able to carry players should you feel like it I do carry players should they ask because Im a wonderful person and enjoy some socializationmy favorite items now are usually the ones nobody goes for and Ive learned to let go of many useless itemsThe EXP and

Meso gains are much more bearable and you do not need to heavily rely on PQs as you would have long agothe economy is too broken but theres ways to produce lots of meso out of merching anyways I do not like the notion of going all the way back to old maple mainly because theres no way to make it precisely as it had been back

then for all players for many the friends theyd are Maple M Mesos not magically going to be there and it would also be hard for most players to adjust back to exactly what maplestory was particularly if weve been at contemporary maplestory for too long the game itself is more polished than it had been then and I actually enjoy the story theyve

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