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Created: Jan 7, 2020
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old school rs gold

Not to be a downer OSRS Gold but the whole reason I was eager for motion changes was so that PvM may actually feel great rather than just be a gimmick of playing around tick movement. I don't need movement to be smooth and responsive when I am only running through a town doing a pursuit, I need it to be responsive when I'm dodging a place based attack in ED or some thing. If the main reason for all the hype for the shift is still not being addressed and will be really going to become an exception to the new norm with the changes, which looks kind of counterproductive. I'd possibly just like to keep everything the way it is now in that circumstance, so that at least things are constant and I could somewhat possess an intuitive sense of the delay.

I had been and still sort I'm excited about the idea of such a fundamental aspect of the runescape game being updated as that is the kind of change I really think RuneScape needs for long term longevity and was mostly ignored (with the exception of bank rework, that has been amazing and I very much appreciate), but that seems like a half measure which may not be well worth the trouble and could backfire when people learn that it isn't likely to assist PvM at all. I guess that is what the majority of us were really hoping for and obtained so hyped about when we watched the trailer at Runefest, and I wonder if you are not setting yourselves up for another wave of network disappointment and backlash by not being more explicit about this component of the changes.

Please think about either delaying these adjustments until they could be reached in a way that will benefit PvM, or saying what you have said here more explicitly in a way that more of the neighborhood will see so that there will not be a lot of disappointment and outrage and crab emojis when it gets released and falls short of individuals' expectations and hopes. I'm not trying to be a downer; I understand there's enough negativity about that community already. But I truly do think you could be making a community relations error here and strongly encourage you to consider the way you are executing and advertising this change and whether it may backfire if you stick with the current strategy.

Please for the love of god think them when buy rs3 gold they say that they do not know if these features will even be possible. They need to spend some time investigating and designing and planning and trying to foresee and test problems around these highly experimental characteristics and in the worst (but very very possible) case it'll lead to the response that no it's not possible (or not feasible more inclined as they would want to do something such as rewrite the runescape game from the ground up and freeze all new attributes for years). When folks get hyped about that and Jagex sees that as a license to perform this highly experimental perform runescape gamers need to value that could mean less funds put on more reliable upgrades (something runescape players are already complaining about) plus a risk it simply won't work.

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