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Created: Jan 8, 2021
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I get nervous sweat by appearing this film

In Animal Crossing?! I get nervous sweat by appearing this film. So nicely done!If AC ever gets a cooking minigame it'll be around for me

Requires more games period. There is no reason to visit a friends island. Tarantulas don't spawn, wasps do not spawn, balloons do not spawn, can't promote to Flick or C.J., can not withdraw bells, dung beetles don't even spawn neither perform snowballs so you can't even earn a snowboy together. Can't visit a nook island collectively, the listing is long.Yeah the game got repetitive for me. I overlook the OG Animal Crossing

Played with a friend and my fiancé, finished every level in a try or two, typically with 2 stars. This one? 8 attempts or thereabouts and we still couldn't finish it. The minimal score is ridiculously high.Mine is a long story short: When I played this level with my brother we were yelling at each other until we both got stressed and never touched the match (we were so bad at the game imao)

YAS!! I almost scrolled by without recognizing that this isn't actually overcooked. Wonderful job!This would be even crazier if we eventually get the ability to cook in the game.How much stuff were utilized to make those tables?! AND the rest of the setting. That gotta be a lot

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