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Created: Jan 13, 2021
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Weismart OFFLINE
I believe they were too reluctant to postpone the

I believe they were too reluctant to postpone the game a second time, but the game really needed some extra time to be developed. The timing with quarantine was super convenient and made to get a huge player base, but a good deal of people stopped playing the match after just a couple of months. I am hoping we see some considerably larger upgrades going forward.

Yeah the"free upgrades after launching" sounded thrilling at first since I'd assumed it'd be a means for them to explore new territory for the show or bring back events and thoughts that had been more or less shelved (like the weird"holidays" and events in Wild World or Morning Aerobics at GC).

Then I realized how much stuff was only straight up left out compared to every single prior entry and I suppose in hindsight I probably should have understood this was a"we'll finish adding outdated features to the match later" sort of thing. It's not a terrible game, but boy does it pale compared to New Leaf at times. Also a few of the holidays are actively less interesting than their New Leaf counterparts. Fireworks festivals replaced all of the cute Showa Era Nintendo toy furniture with bows, pinwheels, etc of varying colours.

Why is it that Leif and Kicks only ever visit? Why not fold them in to Nook's Cranny along with the Able Sisters respectively? Why does the Museum just have description plaques for artwork today? No Gyroids to collect? It is just a great deal of little things that really accumulate into big things.

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