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fili gadoochi

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Added On: 05/17/2008 08:32:22
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02/21/2013 21:38:33

Hello dear,
greetings from Doreen,
I apologies for intruding into your privacy, since we don't know each other, but pay attention and understand my reason of contacting you Please don't be angry with me my Dear i was browsing and came across to your profile so i decided to write you direct for me to tell you reason why i contacted you.

i am happy to get in contact with you after my direction to find a nice trusted and sincere reliable friend I was motivated to write to you after i see your contact i know that this email will meet you in a good health and also surprised.i am here to seek your hand in friendship of which i know that it will helps me to overcome my situation,

i am presently single girl My dearest,In your usual time, may it please you to write me back in my email address doreenfofana@hotmail.com. So that i will explain more about myself,my details,my pictures and purpose of writing to you. Please do not neglect a humble and lonely heart.A good friendship is the foundation build on other relative things to come. i wait patiently to hear from you.Thanks and remain blessed.
Yours New Friend,
doreenfofana@hotmail con

04/13/2012 21:25:44

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04/05/2012 19:51:42

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